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Henderson Global Investors is a global asset manager focused on delivering excellent investment performance and service to our clients.

Founded in 1934, the company was named after its first client. 80 years of continuous service have nurtured a trusting relationship with clients – and the group continues to serve the Henderson family to this day.
Henderson is now an independent asset manager with assets under management of more than £81.5bn, more than 900 employees and offices in 19 cities around the world.

It is dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange, is a member of the ASX 100 and FTSE 250 indices, and has a market capitalisation of £3.2bn. Henderson’s clients range from global institutions to personal investors in a variety of domestic markets worldwide.



Client Service


A culture of client-centricity is at the heart of the Henderson thought and decision-making process. Whether this is in training employees, continuing to embed the principles that our customers should be treated fairly at all times or actively seeking the views of existing and potential investors and their underlying customers, client satisfaction is the key basis on which success is judged.
Henderson has a fundamental belief in openness and collaboration – in the power of sharing knowledge. ‘Knowledge. Shared’ not only applies to our interaction with our clients but also at an investment level, with managers maximising opportunities and sharing ideas.
At Henderson our aim is to share our investment knowledge by communicating the views of investment managers to clients in an appropriate and timely manner, and to keep clients updated of changes in portfolios and how our managers are thinking.
Sharing knowledge also means working with clients through long-standing relationships built upon trust. By properly understanding their challenges and evolving needs, Henderson seeks to shape products and services to deliver market-leading solutions for our clients’ futures.

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Questioning the Manager


John Pattullo, Henderson Diversified Income Trust


Ian Barrass and James de Bunsen, Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust


John Bennett, Henderson European Focus Trust


Tim Stevenson, Henderson EuroTrust


Mike Kerley, Henderson Far East Income Trust


David Smith, Henderson High Income Trust


Ben Lofthouse, Henderson International Income Trust


James Henderson, Henderson Opportunities Trust and Lowland Company


Alex Crooke, The Bankers Investment Trust


Job Curtis, The City of London Trust


Neil Hermon, The Smaller Companies Trust


Ollie Beckett, The TR European Growth Trust


Core Capabilities


Henderson’s investment offering is split into five pillars:

Global Equities
European Equities
Global Fixed Income
Multi Asset


Investment Approach


The Henderson investment approach is based on active fund management and the belief that rigorous analytical application to financial markets will be rewarded through superior investment returns. The talent and expertise within the investment teams is integral to generating these returns; allowing talent to shine is therefore key.



High levels of support are provided with risk oversight teams assisting the managers in their decision-making and products are maintained and developed that align Henderson’s expertise with the needs of clients.


Henderson’s investment teams devise their own investment processes while sharing a common pool of resources. There is no house view and teams are structured to maximise opportunities within their respective investment universes.


The teams range from smaller, more nimble sets of managers and analysts, such as those in the equities space, to larger teams with complementary units of specialism, such as fixed income.


Research, resources and ideas are shared across all the investment teams at Henderson and all managers operate within a comprehensive and robust risk-control framework.


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Brexit: Overview and Outcomes

Please click the link for a guide that provides a high level overview of the situation and explores the many questions still left unanswered by ‘Brexit’.



Henderson PDF


The guide covers:


  • Background
  • When and why did the UK join the EU?
  • Why was the 2016 referendum called?
  • Outcome of the vote
  • What next?
  • Importance of Article 50
  • Range of scenarios
  • Possible timeline
  • Economic and market impact
  • Key questions yet to be answered


Brexit – Overview and Outcomes

James de Sausmarez

James de Sausmarez

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Brexit Impact on European Equities

john bennett square








John Bennett

Henderson Europe Focus Trust

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Brexit:Risks and Opportunities. What it all Means for Lowland Investment Company

laura foll square








Laura Foll, Deputy Fund Manager

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Brexit – a Political, not a Financial Crisis

jenna barnard square








Jenna Barnard, Henderson Diversified Income Ltd

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Brexit – a Curious Political Situation

neil hermon henderson global investors

Neil Hermon, Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust

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Industrial Strength: Lowland Investment Company Backs Industrials for Cash Flow and Capital Growth


Is it right to continue with ourlowland investment trust significant weight in industrials given the late stage in the economic cycle? For Lowland Investment Company the industrial sector is its biggest sector
overweight, making up around one quarter of the Trust’s assets. Despite the uncertain backdrop we think there are some compelling reasons to invest in these businesses.


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Calling All Investors: Smaller Companies for Structural Growth!


In its portfolios Henderson’s gym groupSmaller Companies Investment Trust utilises a blend of growth and value styles. Known as growth-at-the-right-price (GARP), we seek-out companies we believe demonstrate high-than-average levels of growth, be it in revenues, earnings, and so forth, but aim to not overpay for that growth i.e. finding companies where the market appears to be undervaluing their fundamental worth


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In ISAs we Trust



At Henderson Global Investors we view ISAs as one of the most efficient ways to invest for your future; if managed well the £15,240 annual subscription allowed into a Stocks & Shares ISA could deliver significant future financial returns.


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Five Tips for Investing in Investment Trusts Through an ISA


henderson global isaAn Individual Savings Account, (ISA), is the armour that guards your money from the taxman; enabling it to grow without the burden of income or capital gains tax.


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Japan: Land of the Rising Dividend?


Japan has many profitable companies with significant levels of cash on their balance sheets but which have been relatively poor historically at distributing profits to shareholders. Ben Lofthouse, portfolio manager in the Global Equity Income Team, investigates the potential for dividend growth from the world’s third largest economy


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Investing in the Digitisation of Payments

Alex Crooke of Bankers Investment Trust was nervous ahead of Brexit, so he had already reduced his investments in the UK when markets plummeted; here he explains the advantage of a trust that is a global generalist with the ability to seek out opportunity wherever it occurs.


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The Scramble for Dividends in Asia is Just Getting Started

In the West the grasp for yield has become a protracted theme for investors. Income hungry, they have been forced to search in non-traditional income asset classes amid compressing bond yields from expansionary central bank policies.

But what of the more traditionally high yielding markets such as those in Asia?Henderson Far East Income Ltd seeks income and offers diversification from western markets.


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What’s Unique About Investment Trusts?



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